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I am Kiran Bajaj from Bangalore Escorts Service. I am great charmers’ related to sensual fun in the city. I am hot, smart and pretty and dress-up wildly. I am known for entertaining my clients in a city.

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Hello, My name is Kiran Bajaj. You can fulfill all your lust with extremely beautiful Bangalore Escorts. You come to me baby and I will give you what you can only dream of. I want to make all your dreams fulfilled in a passionate way. When you see my face for the first time, you will fall in love with my beauty. But it’s not enough because falling in love with me is still left. You will hold my face in your hands and you will kiss on my forehead. Then you will go slowly down from my forehead. I will close my eyes and you will kiss my eyes. Then you come to my cheeks, they are very beautiful. Finally, you have come to my lips. They look like a widespread flower of rose. You would want to put them between your lips. I will make-out with you in pure passion.

I will put my tongue inside your mouth and it will make the moment more sensual. All the Sexy Call Girls in Bangalore got beautiful necks. You can smooch on their neck playfully. It turns me on highly when someone kisses my neck and ears. You will unite my hairs and then you will spread them all over your face to feel the love. My body is as beautiful as butter and it tastes the same. You can’t resist yourself for a long time from getting involved with me in a beautifuact. You will feel the atmosphere which I created especially for you. I will make it big for you. You will not be getting over lovemaking with me soon. The more new ideas you bring to the table in our lovemaking, the more you will enjoy the process.

Lovemaking with VIP Bangalore Escorts while wearing all the clothes is a different feeling. It is quite a new and unique thing to try when you have sex. Do not take off your clothes and try making love. It will give you a different joy and pleasure. You will feel like having something fresh. It is quite unusual to make love with clothes on. Now you can try taking off your clothes one by one during lovemaking. First, take off my shoes then start making love with my feet.

This is called foot fetish and this is a very romantic thing to have during your lovemaking. Now you can untie my hair and you can play with my hair. I will feel loved. Now you can take off my top to kiss my breasts over my bra which I am wearing inside the top. Now you have two options, either you take off my bra first or you take my pants off. I would suggest you take my bra off first because it is an unusual thing. My upper body will completely be uncovered and my lower body will be fully covered. It will give you a different vibe in lovemaking with Female Bangalore Escorts. Now you can play with my breasts and you can eat them. Now you can go down and you can put your hands inside my pants. It will make me feel very horny. You can put your fingers inside me. I am already feeling very hungry to make love with you.

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